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If you’re wondering, “Is weed / cannabis legal in Geelong?” when you’re there. See why buying weed in Geelong is fantastic by reading on. In addition to being Victoria, Australia’s second-biggest city, Geelong has a prominent port on Corio Bay. The name of the bird is derived from the Aboriginal term jillong, which means “the place of the native companion” and describes a long-legged water bird.

Cannabis Laws in Australia- Cannabis in Geelong

Is weed/cannabis illegal in Geelong? In Australia, cannabis is illegal at the federal level. States do, however, differ in their laws about possession. In Geelong, Victoria, it is legal to possess up to small amounts of cannabis for personal use, and possession is subject to a minimal fine if found. Like in NSW, it’s still illegal, but police can choose to give someone detected in possession of up to 50g for personal use a caution (up to two). Therefore, it is a federal violation to smoke in public and may carry harsher consequences in some cases.
In terms of weed, Australia is a very free country, but there are strict laws governing its sale and cultivation. You should stay away from weed since using it could land you in jail.

How and Where to buy weed in Geelong

Geelong is comparatively friendly when it comes to weed. Overall, you should be fine in this sizable city where a lot of people smoke, unless you go around playing incredibly loud music. Nevertheless, to avoid the police, it’s a good idea to abstain from smoking in public.

Buying weed in Geelong can be challenging to tourist. Most locals have a hook-up they call to set up meetings, and there aren’t many dealers in the area. You’ll have to become friends with the students if you wish to smoke there. You can spot people smoking weed at the beaches. I will suggest taking a stroll along the Eastern Beach on the Corio Bay beach. You might be more successful in a bigger city like Melbourne.

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