Buying weed in Mackay, Australia

Weed in Mackay

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Mackay presents no end of opportunities to explore untouched nature and the region’s multitude of breathtaking and pristine national parks. A trip to Mackay promises natural encounters while buying weed in Mackay, that make you feel like you’re chartering your own adventure – whether it be exploring secluded beaches, casting a line, discovering tropical islands just offshore or hiking its famous hinterland.
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Cannabis Laws in Australia- Cannabis laws in Mackay

Is buying weed in Mackay legal. Cannabis is illegal on a federal level in Australia. However different states have varying laws regarding possession. Mackay in Queensland, where possessing a small amount of cannabis for personal use is decriminalized and punishable by a nominal fine if detected. Maximum sentence of 15 years for possession. Police have discretion to give a caution/diversion notice to someone carrying up to 50g for personal use for a first offence. Hence smoking in public is a federal offense that can result in more significant penalties in some situations.
Australia is a pretty free country when it comes to marijuana, yet growing and selling is quite severe. It’s best you avoid weed because you could get into prison for buying Mackay in Mackay .
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Buying weed in Mackay, Australia

Buying weed in Mackay is pretty chill when it comes to weed. It’s a charming city where people smoke and you’ll generally be fine. Unless you walk around with very large quantities. It’s a good idea to not smoke on the street and avoid police attention, still.

It can be pretty tough for tourists to buy weed in Mackay. There aren’t many dealers walking around and most of the locals have a hook-up that they call and meet up with. Your best option is to go to a park or beach in the evening and ask one of the kind and generous citizens for their help. I recommend you check out the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens at Lagoon Street. Also the Harbour Beach at Mulherin Drive and Cartel Nightclub is another good place to buy weed in Mackay. However you can be friendly to some students while there if you want to smoke.
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