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Alghero, Sardinia is a truly charming place to visit and if you are planning a trip to the island you should not miss it. This Catalan enclave of less than 50000 people is the 5th largest city in Sardinia and – despite attracting multitude of tourists every year – it’s managed to retain its character and local vibe.
You will have a great choice of things to do which will include a visit to the historical center, one to the nearby natural sites and to close-by villages and, since it is Sardinia we are talking about, a good dose of beaches.
Read this post to find out more about cannabis laws and how to get weed in Alghero. Discover and get useful information from Four Twenty Avenue that will help you plan your trip.

Cannabis Laws in Italy – Cannabis in Alghero

Is weed legal in Alghero. It should come as no surprise that Italy’s marijuana rules are very loose. Cannabis is illegal, but possessing a tiny amount is no longer a crime. With a few grams of weed on you in Alghero, you can expect a fine and the confiscation of your possessions. Of course, that is only the law. In practice, you may only receive a warning. Although Rome is more liberal than the south of Italy, you must nevertheless be respectful and refrain from smoking weed in public areas such as the Coliseum. If you’re discreet and cooperative with the officers when they arrive, you should be able to avoid paying the fee.

How and Where to get weed in Alghero

Alghero has very easy access to weed due to its lax cannabis regulations and high visitor density. The likelihood is that if you are a young tourist, it will be given to you. However if that doesn’t work, you can ask any young Italian people or the guys who sell sunglasses and other items at the beach or other tourist attractions. It’s likely that the Italians will offer you a better bargain. In comparison to weed, hash is less expensive, far more popular, and simple to obtain. Aim to pay between 5 and 7 euros per gram.

Kindly drop your comments below on how and where you managed to buy weed in Alghero.

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