Get Weed in Marmaris, Turkey

Get Weed in Marmaris

Find Weed in Marmaris:

A renowned tourist destination on the Turkish Riviera. It is famous for its spectacular setting, nestled between two mountains and gorgeous Mediterranean beaches. Aside from the beach, the city may also provide cultural tourism due to the presence of various ancient ruins. When it comes to marijuana, Turkey has fairly severe rules. Therefore tourists will have a difficult time getting weed in Marmaris.

Cannabis laws in Turkey

Is weed legal in Marmaris. Turkey’s drug regulations are extremely strict with no exceptions permitted for cannabis. Even a few grams of weed can land you in jail, at least in principle. In practice, the is a good possibility you’ll get probation, get expelled out of the country. You may also be forced to enroll in a drug treatment program.  However, you will have to appear in court. This means you will have to spend a few days in jail before your court date. Cannabis sales and cultivation are likewise banned and are taken extremely seriously.

Cannabis is strictly illegal in Turkey and this is no laughing matter. If you want to smoke weed in Marmaris, make sure you do so discreetly. Try not to bring too much with you and avoid smoking weed in public locations.

How and Where to get weed in Marmaris, Turkey

Weed can be difficult to come by in Turkey particularly in Marmaris due to strict legislation. Larger cities such as Istanbul will provide you a far better view. You will have to rely on the locals with no assurance of getting some cannabis in Marmaris. Bartenders are typically willing to assist, so it’s worth asking. Around bars and clubs, there’s also a potential you will be contacted by someone asking if you want to buy. The cost and quality of the product can vary greatly, but you should not pay more than 15 euros per gram.

Kindly drop your comments below on how and where you managed to buy weed in Marmaris.

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  1. Vikram

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  4. Lou

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  6. Pierre

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  8. Mario

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  9. Kate

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  12. Robbin

    Is THC weed available in Marmaris, Turkey?

  13. Mush

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