Get Cannabis in Thessaloniki, Greece

Cannabis in Thessaloniki

In terms of size, Thessaloniki is second only to Athens in Greece. The city has a lengthy history and was crucial to the Eastern Roman Empire. Thessaloniki currently boasts all the facilities one could anticipate from a contemporary European metropolis, in addition to a rich cultural and historical past. Cannabis goes well with the wonderful food and climate in Thessaloniki. While visitors may have trouble getting weed, Four Twenty Avenue provide you with quality information on cannabis laws and how to get cannabis in Thessaloniki.

Cannabis Laws in Greece

Is cannabis in Thessaloniki. Greece used to be pretty strict when it came to marijuana, but recently it seems to have softened up a bit. Cannabis cultivation, usage, and possession are all prohibited. However, there is a distinction drawn between possession and usage for personal purposes. The likelihood of being in trouble and having to appear in court if you are found in possession of a few grams, but you will often receive a fine. Depending on the officer, there’s also a potential that the cops will just take the marijuana and let you go. This calls for caution and a prohibition on smoking cannabis in public areas in Thessaloniki .

Greece legalized medical marijuana in 2017. This demonstrates that the nation is moving in the right direction toward legalizing marijuana. However, a lot of efforts toward cannabis legalization in Thessaloniki would need to put in place.
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How and Where to get cannabis in Thessaloniki, Greece

It might be quite challenging to find weed in Thessaloniki as a visitor. You must travel to the most tourist popular areas of the city, such as the Aristotelous Square and the white tower. There, you need to be on the lookout for weed dealers; they are often black or Arab men. Be extremely careful while initiating a deal with those street dealers. Hence always demand to view the cannabis before purchasing in Thessaloniki. The cost is typically between 10-15 euros per gram, however it could be more pricey for visitors.

Weed shops in Thessaloniki: There are few cannabis weed shops in Greece as whole. To purchase in those shops you must present a doctor’s prescription from an authorized practitioner. Medical marijuana patient in Thessaloniki can check out the Cannabis Store Amsterdam Salonico at at Dimitriou Gounari 33 54622 Thessaloniki.

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