Get Weed in Larissa, Greece

Weed in Larissa

The capital of Thessaly, Larissa is a fun-loving university town off the tourist trail. With 8,000 years of history the city rests under an acropolis that has layers of ancient, Byzantine and Ottoman remains.
Nowadays Larissa has all of the amenities that you might expect from a modern European city, as well as a rich cultural and historical heritage. The great Greek climate and food are great to combine with weed. While cannabis is hard to find for tourists, this guide on weed in Larissa will provide all of the necessary information.

Cannabis Laws in Greece- Cannabis laws in Larissa

Is weed legal in Larissa. Cannabis in Greece is illegal for recreational purposes. In 2017, the Greek government legalized the use of cannabis for medical purposes, and a year later, they lifted the ban on growing or producing it. This enables pharmaceutical companies to grow weed legally, and industrial hemp suppliers too.
Greek drug laws have become tolerant. Hence the minimum sentence for weed possession in Larissa has reduced to 5 months.
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How and Where to get weed in Larissa

As a tourist getting weed in Larissa can be a bit tricky. However you will need to get to the more touristy parts of the city, like the Monument to Hippocrates and Alcazar Park. While hanging there you need to look out for dealers, they are usually black or Arab guy loitering around. You need to be careful not to get ripped off by the dealers, always ask to see the weed first before you buy it. The price is usually 10-15 euros per gram, but for tourists, it might be more expensive.

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