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Get weed in Mykonos

Find Weed in Mykonos:

One of the most popular tourist spots in Greece is Mykonos. The island is well-known for having a fantastic nightlife and being an LGBTQ-friendly vacation spot. The town’s Little Venice neighborhood and the Mykonos windmills are two of the most popular everyday destinations. But what really distinguishes Mykonos from the other Greek islands is its nightlife. Although weed is highly illegal and restricted, it is nonetheless possible to obtain. Explore Four Twenty Avenue to discover cannabis laws and where to get weed in Mykonos.

Cannabis Laws in Greece

Is weed legal in Mykonos. Greece boasts one of the harshest cannabis restrictions when it comes to other European nations. You will still need to appear in court to prove that the small amount of cannabis you own has no purpose for sale, even though possessing small amounts of the drug is theoretically decriminalized. This implies that a few grams of weed can land you in serious legal problems and possibly spend several nights in jail as you wait for your case to be heard. Most individuals who use weed in Mykonos sometimes face fines and may even need to enroll in a treatment program. It is highly unlawful to grow and sell weed, and doing so will almost probably result in a prison sentence.

Mykonos is a place where smoking weed requires extreme caution. In general, it’s not fun to get caught with any kind of narcotic in Greece because the police have a bad attitude about drugs, even weed.

How and Where to get weed in Mykonos

While it’s not as difficult to get weed in Mykonos as it is on other Greek islands, big cities like Athens and Thessaloniki are still the best places to find it if you have the opportunity. In Mykonos, you have to inquire with taxi drivers and promoters. Usually, they’ll provide you with a number to contact and a hookup. A gram of weed typically costs 10 euros, but if you’re a visitor, you might have to pay extra. Although the quality isn’t the best, it will make you feel good.

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