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Weed in Valencia

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After Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain, yet traveling there is just as spectacular. Everything is available in the city, including nightlife, gastronomy, architecture, and a beach. Smoking a joint of weed on the Valencian beach is one of the few things a stoner will love to do while in Valencia. Four Twenty Avenue provide cannabis guide and how to go about getting marijuana.

Cannabis Laws in Spain – Cannabis in Valencia

Is weed legal in Valencia. When it comes to cannabis laws, Spain is one of the laxest nations in Europe. Small amounts of cannabis for personal use qualify as a misdemeanor, which entails confiscation and the potential for fines, however most of the time the police don’t care. All that is necessary is for you to exercise caution and work together with them. That only holds true while you’re in public; otherwise, privacy allows for even more laxity. 

The phrasing of the Spanish law allows for the consumption and cultivation of weed inside one’s own home in Valencia. Spain has set up “cannabis clubs” that resemble Dutch coffee shops as a result of this odd constitutional provision. In the clubs, you may purchase joints to smoke, although they are often exclusively available to members. There are typically better ways to obtain marijuana in the short term, thus applying for membership seldom pays off for guests.

How and Where to buy weed in Valencia, Spain

In Valencia, a “cannabis club” is the best spot to get weed. They are significantly more reputable than a street dealer and provide high-quality marijuana, but access is only to members, and you often require an invitation. The “Cabanyal” neighborhood near to the beach is especially worth exploring on foot. It is a shaded area where many gypsies sell weed in the summertime in Valencia. They frequently try to sell you something if you walk by. Otherwise, keep a look out for vendors, who are mostly Moroccan, selling along the beach or in the busiest tourist locations. It’s unlawful and typically of poor quality to buy weed from a dealer. The cost per gram ranges from 6 to 10 euros, depending on how effectively you can bargain.

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