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Weed in Torremolinos

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Torremolinos is a Mediterranean resort town just outside of the city of Malaga on Spain’s famous Costa del Sol, a stretch of beaches and resort towns along the country’s southern coast. It is a popular vacation spot for British tourists and expatriates. The Torremolinos coast is full with resorts, nightclubs, restaurants, and during summer, the town is bustling with activity as tourists experience its attractions and entertainment. Hence smoking weed in Torremolinos is one of the amazing things to do while having fun. It won’t be difficult for you to find weed in Torremolinos, even if you’re a visitor, because it is so widely available throughout Spain. Four Twenty Avenue provide tips to tourist on how to buy weed in Torremolinos. Read on!

Cannabis laws in Spain – Cannabis in Torremolinos

Is buying weed in Torremolinos legal. Spain is one of the most tolerant nations in the world when it comes to marijuana. Despite the fact that it hasn’t become legal for recreational use to the same degree as certain American states have. You can utilize cannabis at home, since it is legal to own and use it on private property. Due to legal loopholes, marijuana clubs that let members buy weed have also emerged in Torremolinos. In most cases, the police won’t bother you if you have a modest amount of weed on you; at most, you may expect to pay a fine of 300 euros. Marijuana sales and trafficking are severe offenses that can result in prison time.

It is best to avoid smoking in public places, but if you must, make sure there aren’t many people around and be alert of police, depending on the circumstances, you might receive a fine.

Where and How to buy weed in Torremolinos, Spain

It’s not difficult to buy weed in Torremolinos. Simply stroll through the town’s more well-known tourist areas, nearby nightclubs and the beach. Just ask everyone you come across who you think could be smoking weed or hash. Also, you can receive a purchase offer. A good spot for tourist to buy weed in Torremolinos is at Calle San Miguel. There are very high chances to come across street dealers hanging around Calle San Miguel. However dealers frequently attempt to swindle visitors, so you really need to be vigilant. Negotiate the price and ask for quality stuffs. Due to its closeness to Morocco, hash is frequently of higher quality than weed in this region of Spain. The price of hash ranges from 4 to 8 euros per gram, whereas the price of weed is 10 to 15 euros per gram.

Kindly drop your comments below on how and where you managed to buy weed in Torremolinos.

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