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Although Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, the city is today more famous for being a fantastic travel destination. Tapas, cocktails, beaches, and culture are all available in this Andalucian city. You will enjoy yourselves since it is hot, sunny, and lovely. What is the situation regarding weed in Malaga, though? It is illegal, but it is also simple to find. Read Four Twenty Avenue for more information about marijuana in Malaga.

Cannabis Laws in Spain – Cannabis in Malaga

Is weed legal in Malaga. Marijuana is very accessible in Spain, and the country has fairly lax drug laws overall. The constitution was drafted in such a way that marijuana is truly acceptable in private areas. This implies that you are able to cultivate a few plants and smoke them within your home. Smoking weed is not allow in public places in Malaga, and you risk a fine. Of course, if you are lawfully smoking a joint on the beach, it is possible that you will avoid a fine and only receive a warning.

Spain has a light stance on marijuana, and the majority of individuals smoke. Just take it easy, keep everything under wraps, and stay away from the police. There won’t be any issues as long as you don’t carry more than a few grams.

Where and How to get weed in Malaga, Spain

It’s not difficult to find hash or weed in Malaga. If you go down the beach at night, there is a very significant possibility that you will meet people offering to sell you weed or hash. Otherwise, simply explore the large clubs and pubs. However if truly you are a stoner, you can easily identify dealers from their gestures. They are mostly Arabs or South Americans. In Malaga, hash is frequently better than weed and is also easier to get. Hash will cost you roughly 4-5 euros per gram, and cannabis will cost you a few more. It is difficult to predict what you will receive and the quality might vary greatly.

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