Buying Weed in Barcelona, Spain

Buying weed in Barcelona

Find Weed in Barcelona:

Four Twenty Avenue provide a complete guide regarding using weed and buying it in Barcelona, Spain. However many visitors may be surprise to learn how popular and accessible cannabis is in a city famous for its soccer team and innovative architecture.

Only in exclusive “Cannabis Social Clubs” (Also “Social Cannabis Associations”) is marijuana legal. In Barcelona, there are over 400 clubs to select from. But you can’t just stroll into a club, sign up for membership, and start buying weed right away in Barcelona.

In spite of being legal in private clubs, marijuana is still not acceptable as it is in the Netherlands. Don’t expect to buy and use weed outside your home or a club without consequences in Barcelona, despite the fact that Spanish legislation is quite lenient in private areas.

If you happen to be in public with marijuana, it will probably be seize, and you risk receiving a heavy punishment of up to 600 euros.

How to become member of Cannabis Social Clubs in Barcelona

In order to buy weed in a cannabis social club in Barcelona, existing members or essentially someone who can vouch for you, must recommend new members. Depending on the particular club, there may be a few more requirements as well. Most clubs at the very least demand you to provide a valid photo ID and have a home address in Spain in order to verify your age (some clubs are 18+, others 21+). The individual club determines if you must provide proof of existing address.

Some clubs may also ask you for additional personal information, such as whether you use marijuana for recreational or medical purposes and how much you typically use each month. Be ready to sign a waiver pledging your commitment to follow club regulations in order to buy weed in Barcelona. Also there is an annual membership fee which ranges between 20 and 30 euros.

How and Where to buy weed on the street in Barcelona, Spain

Buying weed on the street in Barcelona could be your best option if you’re only passing through and you don’t wish to join a Cannabis Club. Check around Passeig Marítim de La Barceloneta, you can easily come across young people smoking weed especially in the evening. However depending from who and where you get the marijuana, the quality will vary. Due to the closeness of Morocco and Algeria, hash is very common and of superior grade.

Hash is more affordable, with prices ranging from 8 to 10 euros per gram. Typically, it is possible to buy weed near popular tourist destinations like the beach and the city center in Barcelona.

Cannabis Price in Barcelona

Prices and quality vary from club to club, also the quality may compete with that of top California strains. In a reputable club, a decent gram ranges between 8 – 10 euros. Also the price may reduce depending on the quantity you want to buy.

Don’t forget to drop your comments below on how you managed to buy weed in Barcelona.

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