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Weed in Bordeaux

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Where to get weed in Bordeaux, France.  This Garonne River port city known for its wine, but it has much more to offer. Bordeaux is one of France’s most beautiful cities, with a rich history and stunning architecture to match. Fans of fine wine and cuisine will feel right at home, and what better way to discover Bordeaux than by smoking a joint? Because pot is so prevalent in Bordeaux, getting weed or hash shouldn’t be too difficult in Bordeaux.
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Cannabis laws in France- Cannabis Laws in Bordeaux

Is weed legal in Bordeaux. Cannabis is still illegal in France, despite the fact that it is one of the countries in Europe with the highest number of marijuana users. You might expect a fine of 150-200 euros if you are caught with a tiny amount of weed or hash on you. Selling, cultivating, and transporting marijuana are all significant offenses that can get you in serious trouble, including prison.

France has become increasingly permissive of marijuana in recent years. The penalties were drastically reduced in 2016, and it is now extremely unheard of to go to prison for carrying marijuana. In the form of drug-using cannabinoids, France also has authorized medicinal marijuana.
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How and Where to get Weed in Bordeaux

If you are not a native of Bordeaux or do not know anyone in Bordeaux, you will have to rely on street traffickers to get weed in Bordeaux. The Spot de la Victorie, a popular plaza in the city for both tourists and locals, is a fantastic place to start looking. It is a major public transit hub that is also close to the University. Usually, there are dealers strolling around. It is easy to get weed and hash in Bordeaux, since it is widely available. But the quality varies greatly from one dealer to the next. Hence always make sure to inspect the quality before concluding the transaction.

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