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The capital of the Corse-du-Sud has the happy knack of packaging all of the things that people adore about Corsica.
You’ve got history, because Napoleon Bonaparte was born and baptised in the city. Also his family donated lots of exciting memorabilia to the museums.
There’s cinematic natural scenery at Pointe de la Parata a few minutes from the city, or the mountains in the background covered with wild herbs, heather and myrtle shrubs. And then you come to the beaches, which are plentiful, white and bathed by pale blue seas with mind-blowing clarity. Hence getting weed in Ajaccio is awesome.
This guide will run you down on cannabis laws and how to get weed in Ajaccio without any hassle.

Cannabis Laws in France- Cannabis laws in Ajaccio

Is weed legal in Ajaccio. France is among those countries that has one of the strictest cannabis policies in the European Union (EU).
But the irony is, it also has the highest consumption rate for cannabis in Europe. Is cannabis legal in Ajaccio? However weed is illegal in Ajaccio. Hence anyone found to be in possession of cannabis could face a minimum prison sentence of up to one year and a fine of $4,000.

Weed and hash are immensely popular drugs that is illegal in Ajaccio. The prohibition of cannabis controls its production, import, and sale of recreational cannabis containing THC. And there are no licensed dispensaries where you can get weed in Ajaccio.
Even though weed in Ajaccio remains one of the most popular illegal drugs, it is illegal for personal or recreational use. But limited types of cannabis-derived products that are useful for medical use is permitted.
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How and Where to get weed in Ajaccio

It might be difficult to get weed in Ajaccio because of its tiny size. Due to its closeness to Morocco, hash is much more prevalent than weed in Ajaccio. But unlike in Paris, there isn’t a location where you can go and buy marijuana. Instead, you’ll need some good fortune. There is a good likelihood that you may come across weed in Place Foch and Plage de Capo di Feno, if you go out at night. Although it’s not always of the highest caliber, the location is too small to support a superior cannabis culture.

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