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Weed in Auckland

Find Weed in Auckland:

If you are in New Zealand and asking yourself: “ How and where to buy weed Auckland?”. Continue reading to see why I think Auckland is a nice place for tourist…
Despite not being the capital, Auckland is New Zealand’s largest city. The city is known for being modern and multi-cultural. Hence it has all of the amenities that a large European or American metropolis would have. Auckland is one of the nicest cities in the world to live in. It’s also a fantastic place to visit. It has a vibrant nightlife, arts, and culture, as well as numerous day trip options in the neighboring areas. In New Zealand, weed is highly popular, so getting some while in Auckland should not be a problem.

Cannabis laws in New Zealand

Weed in Auckland. Cannabis being the fourth most popular drug in New Zealand behind caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes, cannabis is illegal. Possession of cannabis can result in a $500 fine or, in very big amounts, a prison sentence. In practice, cannabis is common in New Zealand, possession of few grams will not get you in trouble.

How and Where get weed in Auckland

In Auckland, particularly among Polynesian and Maori teenagers, weed is very popular. However, if you don’t know anyone, you’ll have to ask those kids. Especially at Aotea Square in the city center and the Otara area. It is a little further out, but they are the best spots to obtain weed in Auckland. Despite the increased tolerance for marijuana, you still need to be cautious and avoid cops when purchasing the drug. Also to avoid ripped off, it’s advisable to check the weed quality before buying from a street vendor. A gram of cannabis costs around 20 New Zealand dollars, and the quality varies from one dealer to the next.

Kindly share your knowledge on how and where you managed to buy weed in Auckland in the comment.

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