Buying Weed in Tel Aviv, Israel

Weed in Tel Aviv

Find Weed in Tel Aviv:

One of Israel’s largest cities, Tel Aviv is popular with tourists because it provides great experiences at affordable pricing. Due to the city’s coastal location, there are several sandy beaches with amazing nightlife. It would be unfortunate if you didn’t use marijuana while you were in Israel because Israelis do it frequently. What could be a better way to enjoy Tel Aviv than by smoking marijuana all throughout the city? Read Four Twenty Avenue for more tips on buying weed in Tel Aviv.

Cannabis Law in Israel

Israel has decriminalized all cannabis-related activities. The use of cannabis for either recreational or medical purposes is not illegal and the drug is no longer a crime in Israel, thus buying weed in Tel Aviv won’t get you in big trouble. When it comes to cannabis use, police officers are not overly tough, especially if you are not endangering the neighborhood. However if you find yourself selling or producing cannabis, you will get into problems; but, you don’t need to worry if you just want to smoke a joint in a quiet area. If you are in possession of marijuana, the officer may give you a warning or a modest fine.
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How and Where to buy weed in Tel Aviv, Israel

Since Tel Aviv is highly welcoming to visitors and has a fantastic nightlife, buying weed there shouldn’t be an issue, even if you don’t have any connections. The street near the seashore and Allenby is your best chance of buying excellent weed. You’ll probably run into folks who can aid you there because that’s where the nightlife is. Additionally, make an effort to connect with several locals; they will undoubtedly assist you to buy weed in Tel Aviv. Since the majority of people there smoke, getting weed is not too difficult in Tel Aviv.

Price of weed in Tel Aviv

The most popular cannabis comes from Lebanon, and the quality is rather good. The main problem is that it’s expensive, especially if you want branded strains. For example, the price of buying a gram of imported quality weed in Tel Aviv will cost $15. If you prefer hashish, a brick weighing approximately 2 grams will set you back $20 or more.
Although it is technically illegal to use marijuana in Israel, the general public accepts it in Tel Aviv and throughout the country. When walking about the city, never have a significant amount on you, and avoid smoking on the beach or in parks. You’ll be alright if you’re not dealing or growing. Have a great time!

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