Weed in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Weed in Cluj-Napoca

Find Weed in Cluj-Napoca:

Cluj-Napoca, a city in northwestern Romania, is the unofficial capital of the Transylvania region. It’s home to universities, vibrant nightlife and landmarks dating to Saxon and Hungarian rule. Surrounding its central square, Piața Unirii, is the Gothic-style St. Michael’s Church and the dramatic Matthias Corvinus Statue of the 15th-century king. The baroque-era Bánffy Palace is now a museum showcasing Romanian art. You can share your ideas about weed in Cluj-Napoca in the comment section below.

Cannabis Laws in Romania

Cannabis in Romania is illegal for recreational and for medical use. Although it was technically legalized for medical use in 2013, it has not been eliminated from the Table I of High Risk Drugs, and as such its use is prohibited. Endeavour to update readers in the comment section of this article about the current status of weed in Cluj-Napoca.

Getting weed in Cluj-Napoca

Quality weed in Cluj-Napoca is very hard to come by, if you ain’t got the right connections. Most of them “stoners” actually smoke that legal shit, K2 or whatever, what’s even worse, it’s not the same formula that once was when they were in shops. But I’m not here to talk about chemicals.
Unless you have the right connections, you ain’t touching quality weed in Cluj-Napoca. Also, in most cities, drug dealers are afraid to do business, due to many crackdowns by the police.
To add to that, Bucharest, being the capital, is the throne of weed dealers. So… driving long distance just to get your weed fix ain’t very affordable either. Sure, there’s public transportation between the big cities, but you risk your ass with weed on you through the various busses and mini vans transporting people, hence you might be busted by those cops. Kindly share your experience about getting weed in Cluj-Napoca in the comment section below.

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