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How to get weed in Strasbourg. Strasbourg is recognized for being a bureaucratic city filled with judges, attorneys, and politicians. While it is correct, it is also much more. There are many students and tourists, and the city has the French flair you’re searching for. Weed is illegal, yet it’s rather easy to come by. They will almost certainly offer you to buy some if you go to the correct places in town. Continue reading for a comprehensive guide to cannabis in Strasbourg.

Cannabis laws in France- Cannabis Laws in Strasbourg

Is weed legal in Strasbourg. Cannabis laws in France are very strict. France is one of the most cannabis-consuming countries in Europe. The majority of the younger generation either smokes pot on a regular basis or has at least tried it. Cannabis is still illegal in France, however use has been decriminalized. The government opted in 2018 to reduce the penalties for marijuana possession, and now you just face a fine of 200 euros if you are caught having cannabis on you. It’s a vast improvement over the prior law, which might have resulted in incarceration. Of course, the police may let you off with just a warning and no fine, but that is entirely at their discretion.

The police in France are generally laid-back when it comes to getting weed in Strasbourg, as long as you only have little amounts on you and don’t smoke and drive, you should be fine. It’s also not a good idea to cross the German border with weed in your possession, even though there are no border checks.
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Where and How to get weed in Strasbourg

You won’t have any trouble getting weed in Strasbourg. You’ll very certainly come across some African males selling hash if you go near the major railway station, or the ‘Place des Halles.’ They should approach you and sell you if you give them a small nod. Keep in mind that it is easy to get hash than weed in Strasbourg. Those guys are also likely to try to defraud you, so constantly double-check what you’re paying for. The standard price per gram is roughly 10-15 euros, however tourists will frequently spend more.
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