Where to get Weed in Vila Real, Portugal

Where to get weed in Vila Real

Find Weed in Vila Real:

The main and capital city of Portugal’s Vila Real District is Vila Real, which lies in the country’s north. Additionally, it serves as the seat of the Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro historical province, as well as the Douro intermunicipal community.
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Cannabis Laws in Portugal

In Vila Real, is weed legal? Portugal still prohibits the use of cannabis. In an attempt to combat drug misuse and lower illicit drug activity, Portugal decriminalized the possession and use of all drugs, including weed, in 2001, making it the first country in the world to do so.

Possession of small amounts of drugs for personal use, like weed, is not considered a criminal infraction in Vila Real, but rather a civil one. This implies that anybody found in Vila Real in minor amounts of cannabis may be subject to fines or other civil penalties, but they will not be prosecuted or imprisoned.
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Where and How to get weed in Vila Real

Keep in mind that weed is still illegal in Portugal as the first thing you need to know. One peculiar location where most people would initially advise you to get weed in Vila Real. It is close to the student area. Black males typically sell weed as it starts to get dark in Vila Real. But they charge a lot of money even when the marijuana is good. Hash is sold by Arabs or Turks, which is acceptable, and it appears to me that their prices are affordable.
Also you can touch around places like in UTAD Botanical Garden and Ponte Pedonal Metalica de Peso da Regua. You often run into black men OR Arabs; they don’t appear to be there at the same time. Make eye contact, and they will start the conversation.

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