Where to get Weed in Bergamo

Weed in Bergamo

Find Weed in Bergamo:

As a travel destination, Bergamo offers a unique blend of ancient structures like the Colleoni Chapel, unusual dual-height Upper & Lower cities, an abundance of lovely Piazzas, and upscale retail areas. Additionally, Bergamo is near to Milan and is a fantastic place to smoke weed in this part of Northern Italy. Explore Four Twenty Avenue to get the best understanding of cannabis laws and how to find weed.

Cannabis Laws in Italy – Cannabis in Bergamo

In Bergamo, is weed legal? Despite the fact that cannabis is illegal in Italy, you should not have too much trouble obtaining a little amount for personal use. It is a criminal to possess weed for personal use, and you will likely be fined. Selling and growing, however, is illegal and can result in harsh penalties, like as jail time. You should still only smoke weed at home, even though it’s more tolerated in Bergamo than it is in other regions of Italy.

It is permissible to use medicinal cannabis to some extent. It’s possible that few people are prescribing it to treat discomfort. This may help Italy and all of Europe even though the system is quite strict and imperfect.

Where and How to get weed in Bergamo

The most effective way to get weed in Bergamo if you don’t know anyone is from street vendors. Hash and weed are both available, however hash is slightly more widely available. The center of Città Alta, Piazza Vecchia, is a great place to find weed. Just ask the Africans and Arabs who are lingering there. You can say “fumo” in Italian, which is “smoke” to them. One gramme of weed costs ten euros in Bergamo. Street vendors may sell weed that is of significantly different quality from one another.

Kindly drop your comments below on how and where you managed to get weed.

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