Buying Weed in Lombardy, Italy

Buying Weed in Lombardy

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Among Italy’s twenty administrative regions is Lombardy. With a population of over 10 million, it makes up more than one-sixth of Italy’s total population. Its area is 23,844 km2 (9,206 sq mi) in the country’s northern-central region. Production in the area accounts for more than 5% of Italy’s GDP.
Milan’s metropolitan region is the biggest in the nation and one of the biggest in the EU. Eleven of Italy’s fifty-eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites exist in Lombardy. Four Twenty Avenue is here to help you understand cannabis laws and tips on buying weed in Lombardy.

Cannabis laws in Italy – Cannabis laws in Lombardy

Is weed legal for buying in Lombardy? It should not be shocking that Italy has very lax cannabis laws. Although little amounts of weed is illegal, you won’t likely go to jail for using it. In Lombardy, possessing even a small amount of weed will result in a fine and the seizure of the weed. That, of all, is just the legislation; in actuality, you can merely get a warning. Rome is a more liberal city than the south of Italy, but you still need to show respect and avoid smoking in public places like the Coliseum. When buying weed in Lombardy, you should be able to avoid paying the fee if you are discrete and helpful to the police when they come.
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How and Where to get weed in Lombardy

Buying weed Lombardy can be challenging due to the high volume of tourists and law enforcement in Italy. There, hash is often sold by Lombardy dealers, the majority of whom are Moroccan guys. Although the hash or weed in Lombardy varies in quality, it is nearly always affordable. For premium quality, you should budget around 15 euros per gram; hash is the least expensive. Prior to buying, always check the quality of the weed.

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