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If you are asking yourself: “Is weed legal in Bali ?”. Continue reading to discover the cannabis laws and where to get weed.
Only a few places on Earth resemble paradise as much as Bali. This Indonesian island has everything a traveler could want in terms of thrills and activities. But Bali does not have all of Thailand’s or Cambodia’s cannabis-related attributes. While it’s illegal and difficult to find, weed is nonetheless accessible. For all the details you’ll ever need on weed in Bali, continue reading.
You can share your ideas on buying and how to find weed in Bali in the comment section below.

Cannabis Laws in Bali Indonesia

Is weed legal in Bali. Laws in Indonesia are extremely strict regarding narcotics, including weed, as you might expect. Although carrying any weed could land you in jail, in reality you’re more likely to be approached for a bribe. They may even accompany you on a walk to an ATM when they ask for large amounts of money. Should you decline, you might find yourself in significant legal difficulties and possibly even jail in Indonesia.

You should avoid Indonesian police officers and jails at all times since they are not cool. Overall, it is a bad experience, although most individuals get away with merely a bribe.

Where and How to get weed in Bali

These days, it’s really hard to find weed in Bali. However, you can inquire about the presence of weed on any casual beachgoer who appears to be stoner. If they think you’re an idiot, they may attempt to increase the price. Be mindful of that when it comes to pricing.
$20/gram would be a great price for weed in Bali. But it can sometimes go as high as $30/gram, depending on the grade.
That said, the strains we have here aren’t nearly as good as other strains in other countries. Because there aren’t any exotics. Hash is a lot more common than weed so you might have to settle for that.
I personally don’t much care for weed but some of my friends do so. That’s why I have a basic understanding of pricing and all that.

Kindly drop your comments below on how and where you managed to buy weed.

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