Weed in Naxos, Greece

Weed in Naxos

Find Weed in Naxos:

Find out everything about weed in Naxos in our travel guide! Discover the things to do, many sights, fantastic beaches, as well as recommended hotels and restaurants.
The island is easily reachable by plane from Athens. Also by ferry from Athens (Piraeus) and many islands of the Aegean.
It may be a short ferry ride away from the super famous Santorini, Paros and Mykonos islands. But Naxos is relatively unknown, staying (so far) under the mainstream radar. Actually, Naxos is a paradise on earth.
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Cannabis Laws in Greece:

Is weed legal in Naxos. The Greek society can be very conservative at times, and sadly cannabis is one of the victims of this conservatism. Marijuana possession, cultivation, and distribution are all illegal. Usually, for the possession of a few grams, you will only receive a fine, there is one caveat, however. A judge needs to make a judgment on the case. Which means that people caught with weed often jail for a day or two until they are due in court.
There is a lot of risks involved when smoking weed in Naxos. Much more compared to relaxed countries like Spain and Italy, in which you might avoid severe consequences. But the time in jail here can ruin your holiday. It is best to be discrete and careful when smoking weed in Greece.

Where and How to get weed in Naxos

Cannabis is extremely difficult to get in Greece because of the nation’s strict laws and rigid social structure. Despite the strict laws it can still be bought. You might have some luck if you ask some of the locals. But as a tourist, your chances are very slim. Your best bet of getting weed in Naxos is around in the port and waterfront area of ​​Chora. Here you will find a long succession of traditional bars and taverns. Where you can have a few drinks after dinner, as well as some disco-pubs with music that stay open until dawn. I will recommend you few places like The Ocean Club which is one of the hot spots of Naxos nightlife. Also DaCosta, located just behind the port. DaCosta is a very crowded elegant disco that hosts theme parties with famous Athens djs playing Greek and international music. Weed is common there.

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