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Weed in Mons

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Mons is in the French province of Wallon in Belgium. It’s a charming city with fascinating history and architecture that you should see if you’re in Belgium. You might want to smoke some weed in addition to the beer and food in Mons. However, because marijuana is still illegal in Belgium, obtaining something to smoke in Mons can be difficult. But it’s not out of the question. Continue reading our marijuana guide to Mons. You can share your ideas about weed in Mons in the comment section below.

Cannabis laws in Belgium

Is weed legal in Mons. Belgians have little choice but like to smoke weed since the country lies between the Netherlands and France. Belgian rules, on the other hand, are not as permissive as one might assume, but they are not horrible in the grand scheme of things.
Marijuana possession and use for personal purposes are currently legal. This means that if you are discovered smoking a small amount of weed in Mons, the lowest penalty you may expect is a fine of 200 euros. If you have less than 3 grams of weed on you, the cops will think you’re consuming it for personal reasons. The sale and distribution of cannabis will result in harsher penalties.

Overall, Belgium is not as relaxed regarding marijuana as the Netherlands, but it is also not overly restrictive. If you’re just a visitor looking to visit a few bars, that’s typically OK. Everything should be alright if you don’t smoke in public or bother people with your marijuana use.

How and where to get marijuana in Mons, Belgium

Getting quality weed in Mons can be difficult if you don’t know anyone, but it’s worth trying. The city center, particularly the area surrounding the train station, is a good location to go weed hunting. In the evenings, several young men loiters around there, many of whom sell marijuana. Approaching a Moroccan migrant and asking for weed can be intimidating, but there is no other option in Mons. Always ask to view the weed before paying for it, as you might get rip off if you don’t. You should budget roughly 10 euros per gram.

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