Weed in Marrakesh, Morocco

Weed in Marrakesh

Weed in Marrakesh

Morocco is a diverse country with something to suit everyone’s tastes. People who enjoy outdoor activities will enjoy the Atlas Mountains, while those who enjoy maritime activities will enjoy western towns, and those who enjoy learning about culture will enjoy weed in Marrakesh. Marrakesh is the Moroccan economy’s most important city, and it’s full of temples, mosques, medinas, and gardens. Continue reading for extensive information on where to acquire weed and how to smoke it in Marrakesh.

Cannabis Law in Morocco

In Morocco, any action involving cannabis is illegal, and if you are discovered with cannabis, you could face significant consequences. These regulations, however, only apply to locals, and tourists can get away with it if they smoke discreetly. Morocco is a major producer of hashish and cannabis, which implies that the country’s economy is booming thanks to visitor dollars. If you’re a tourist, the police are unlikely to disturb you, but if they do, expect to pay a minor fine and avoid additional hassle.

Where to Get Weed in Marrakesh 

Because Marrakesh is a popular city, following the tourists is your best chance if you don’t know any locals. In addition, Djemma-al-Fna is a large square where a lot of things occurs. Many people will approach you and offer you hashish or marijuana. Always examine the bag before handing over your money, as it’s a common fraud for sellers to give you phony weed. Also, negotiation is an essential because you will always obtain a better deal. If you want to buy high-quality items, find a Moroccan friend who can put you in touch with the right individuals.

Cannabis Prices

The price varies greatly depending on your connections, but on average, a gram of good quality cannabis costs $8 and a block of hash costs $5. You’ll receive a better deal if you buy in larger quantities, but always insist on having your pot weighed. Also, never provide a dealer details about where you’ll be staying or what you’ll be doing in the city.
It’s fairly easy to buy weed in Marrakesh, and you’ll be contacted by a number of people offering you hashish or weed. The quality and quantity will vary, particularly if you don’t know anyone who lives in the city. Don’t smoke in public areas and don’t bring a lot of it with you. Have a wonderful time in Marrakesh!

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