Weed in Cape Town, South Africa

Weed in Cape Town

Weed in Cape Town

Cape Town is a large South African coastal metropolis. After Johannesburg, it is the country’s second-largest metropolis. The city is well-known for being cosmopolitan, energetic, and forward-thinking. The city is located adjacent to the iconic Table Mountain and boasts a magnificent coastline. There are a number of fantastic places in the city where you may enjoy smoking weed, or dagga as it is known among the natives. This is our cannabis guide for weed in Cape Town.

Cannabis laws in South Africa

Although cannabis is banned in South Africa, the regulations are not very harsh, and police enforcement is not a top priority. You should expect to incur a fine of around $20 if you are caught with a modest amount of weed for personal possession. You should not suffer any major penalties as long as you are cautious and not too open about your marijuana use. Selling and producing cannabis are more serious offenses for which you could face prison time.
The present cannabis restrictions were found to be unconstitutional by a court judgement in 2017. If the Supreme Court approves, possession and growing in private houses will be legal.

Where to get weed in Cape town

In Cape Town, there are a few places where you can get weed. Long Street in the city center is perhaps the easiest. Simply go around and someone should give you something; additionally keep an eye out for Rastas, who frequently sell. When purchasing marijuana, be cautious of both the cops and the dealer. Before you pay, always ask to view the cannabis. Another good location is the observatory neighborhood. Look for Rasta men standing out in front of bars and approach them with your question; they should be able to assist you. Weed costs between 100 and 150 ZAR (7-10 euro) per gram. You can always bargain for a lower price.

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