Weed in Copenhagen

Weed in Copenhagen

Weed in Copenhagen

Get Weed in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is one of Europe’s most recognizable cities, with a long and little-discussed history. Denmark’s capital is one of the most beautiful and livable cities in the world, and it’s a terrific place to visit. Cannabis is easy to obtain, but it is still illegal, so you must exercise caution when using it. You’ll find a comprehensive guide to cannabis in Copenhagen here.

Cannabis in Copenhagen – Laws

Cannabis is banned in Denmark, therefore anything related to it can get you in hot water. Danish legislation prohibits the sale, usage, and cultivation of marijuana. The police, on the other hand, primarily target dealers, producers, and traffickers, and are less concerned with the typical smoker. Because Danish law enforcement and society as a whole are rather tolerant and progressive, personal marijuana use is tolerated to a significant extent in Copenhagen. You shouldn’t be too open about your marijuana use, but there’s nothing to be concerned about.

Where to Get Cannabis in Copenhagen

Cannabis is easy to come by in Copenhagen, almost as easy as it is in the Netherlands. Even if you don’t know anyone in the area, there are a few popular sites where you can get good weed for a reasonable price. To get something to smoke, go to Christiania. The Liberation of Freetown Christiania is a fascinating and perplexing concoction, but in a nutshell, it is a commune where “free-spirits” dwell and the laws are not strictly enforced. Stalls selling hash and cannabis in the open can be seen on a well-known thoroughfare known as “pusher street.” Every several years, they are shut down by a police raid, but they usually reappear.

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