Weed in Catania, Italy

Weed in Catania

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If you are in Italy and asking yourself: “Where and How buy weed in Catania?”, continue reading to see why I think Catania is a nice… Catania is the second largest municipality in Sicily, after Palermo. Despite its reputation as the second city of the island, Catania is the largest Sicilian conurbation, among the largest in Italy, as evidenced also by the presence of important road and rail transport infrastructures as well as by the main airport in Sicily, fifth in Italy. It is located on Sicily’s east coast. Hence at the base of the active volcano, Mount Etna, and it faces the Ionian Sea.
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Cannabis Laws in Italy

Is weed legal in Catania. It should come as no surprise that Italy’s marijuana rules are very loose. Cannabis is illegal. Small amount is decriminalized. So you’re unlikely to go to jail. With a few grams of weed in Catania, you can expect a fine and the confiscation of your possessions. Of course, that is only the law; in practice, you may only receive a warning. Although Rome is more liberal than the south of Italy, you must nevertheless be respectful and refrain from smoking in public areas such as the Coliseum. If you’re discreet and cooperative with the officers when they arrive, you should be able to avoid paying the fee. Weed in Catania can be easy found in black neighborhood.

Where and How to buy marijuana in Catania

Weed in Catania. Because of the large number of tourists and police in Italy, finding weed in Catania can be difficult. The quality of the hash or cannabis you find will vary, but it will almost always be inexpensive. You should anticipate paying 15 euros per gram for top quality weed in Catania. But with hash being the most affordable. Always inspect the cannabis quality before purchasing.

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