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Buying Weed in Warsaw

Find Cannabis in Warsaw:

If you’ve ever set out to travel to Warsaw, the capital of Poland, you may anticipate a historical city with magnificent street art all around and remarkable Gothic cathedrals. These are only a few justifications for Warsaw marijuana smokers. Four Twenty Avenue provide an insight of cannabis laws ans how and where to buy weed in Warsaw.

Cannabis Laws in Poland – Cannabis in Warsaw

Is cannabis legal in Warsaw. Cannabis is illegal in Poland, as it is in the majority of other Eastern European nations. It’s fascinating that while using drugs doesn’t count as a crime, having even a tiny amount in your hands may result in major legal repercussions. Cannabis falls among other hard narcotics like cocaine and heroin, which is problematic for weed users. The government is becoming less restrictive about cannabis usage in Warsaw. Hence making it easier to buy weed in Warsaw. If you’re with tiny amount of pot, you might go to court, but the charges will likely be drop if it’s your first cannabis offense and you just had a small amount for personal use. Even if you are selling cannabis, dealing is a severe crime that carries a lengthy prison term.

In 2017, Poland made a positive step toward the complete legalization of cannabis by approving medical marijuana.

How and Where to get weed in Warsaw, Poland

Checking out the areas where locals hang out is your best option to buy decent-grade weed in Warsaw. You will undoubtedly run across someone who smokes or can help you if you check out the neighborhood bars, clubs, parks, and student areas. Students in Warsaw frequently use the popular park known as Pola Mokotowskie to smoke cannabis. So there is high possibility for you to buy weed in Warsaw especially in touristy attractions in the city. It’s also intriguing that weed is illegal in Poland, despite the fact that you frequently come across weed plants when exploring the city.

Price of weed in Warsaw

The cost of buying good grade cannabis in Warsaw varies depending on its quality, but on average it costs 10 euros per gram. Pay roughly 15 euros per gram for a high-grade class if you have an interest in it. People who prefer to buy hash over weed should know that it’s more difficult to find and costs around 12 euros per gram in Warsaw.
Expect to only consume high-quality marijuana in Warsaw, but take caution—getting caught might result in significant consequences. There is more expensive weed, but it is of higher quality. You’ll be perfectly safe if you avoid smoking in public areas.

Kindly share your opinion on how you managed to buy weed in Warsaw in the comment below.

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