Weed in Hurghada, Egypt

Weed in Hurghada

Weed in Hurghada:

Getting Weed in Hurghada. Hurghada’s major industry is foreign and domestic tourism, owing to its landscape, year-round hot and dry climate and long beaches. Its waters are clear and calm for most of the year and have become popular for water-sports, particularly scuba diving and snorkelling.
There are diving sites around Abu Ramada Island, Fanadir, Giftun Kebir, and Giftun Soraya. Tourists also visit shipwrecks such as the El Mina or the Rosalie Moller. The beach at Hurghada is busy and public, and beyond the town the coast road passes through holiday villages set in the desert.

Cannabis laws in Egypt

Weed in Hurghada has a long history. Hemp was widely utilized to produce ropes by the ancient Egyptians and hashish has been smoked in the region for hundreds of years. Despite this history, cannabis is still prohibited in Egypt today the penalties can be rather harsh. You could go to jail if you have a few grams of marijuana on you. It should go without saying that visiting Egyptian prisons during your vacation in Hurghada is not something you want to do.

Weed in Hurghada, many people claim bribing the police gets them out of legal problems. While that sounds possible, it still poses a significant danger. In some more rural sections of the country, hashish is freely smoked but Cairo is not one of those locations. The risks are very high. Overall, smoking pot or hash in Cairo entails some danger. The truth is that if you decide to take the chance, you won’t have any issue scoring. You can share your ideas about weed in Hurghada in the comment section.

How and Where to get weed in Hurghada, Egypt

In order to score weed in Hurghada, ask random beach dude that looks like a stoner, if they’ve got weed. They might try to inflate the price if they think you’re clueless. So be aware when it comes to pricing.
$10/gram would be a great price for weed there. But it can sometimes go as high as $20/gram, depending on the grade.
That said, the strains we have here aren’t nearly as good as other strains that can be found in other countries because there aren’t any exotics. Hash is a lot more common than weed so you might have to settle for that.
I personally don’t much care for weed but some of my friends do so that’s why I have a basic understanding of pricing and all that.

Kindly drop your comments below on how and where you managed to buy weed.

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  14. Mathew

    Is it possible to buy THC vape in Hurghada…

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